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Shelly Kilgallon - Mother of 4/Client

Lebanon, Ohio

"The time I spend with Lynn is sacred and holy. I know she is always listening with a completely open heart and mind. There is absolutely no feeling of being either judged or pitied. She has a way of bringing the awesomeness of me up to the surface and holding it up for me to see."

Cincinnati, Ohio

Lynn Ellis is a truth seeker and has spent many hours guiding me on a path to finding my own truths. She knows how to get right to the heart of the matter and does so in the most loving way. She truly sees, hears and values each individual she encounters and does so with an open and loving heart. I would recommend Lynn as a coach to anyone seeking to better understand themselves or make positive changes in their life. She is truly gifted.

Rebecca Victor - Certified LifeMastery Consultant

Kettering, Ohio

Lynn is a remarkable individual who dared to claim her life’s dream 
and is living it! She knows firsthand what it is to follow the call 
from within, to live her life of greatness. She brings experience, 
knowledge and loving heart to her commitment to serve all whom she 
meets. I am grateful to have worked with her, and I look forward to 
future endeavors together.

Rev. CC Coltrain

Kettering, Ohio

Lynn is a compassionate, empathetic listener who speaks the truth boldly.  She is able to draw deeply on her own life experiences to find solutions. Her joy and zest for living are infectious!

Denver, Colorado

“Lynn is a diamond in the coaching world and I believe she is going to touch many lives in profound, beautiful ways.”



Ashley Sims - Nanny/Student/Friend

Miamisburg, Ohio

"There's no simple way to describe Lynn Ellis. When I first met her, she latched onto my heart the moment she opened her mouth."



Barbie Vargo

Cincinnati, Ohio

I've never met anyone more commited to personal growth. I'm excited to see her use her gift and true passion, which is helping people. Lynn has coached me throught struggles and major life changes, but I also have the honor of getting to call her my friend of 17 years.

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